Wyeth Promil Gold Four Powdered Milk Drink for Pre-Schoolers Over 3 Years Old 1.8kg kg with Promil Gold Four 400 g


  • Powdered Milk Drink for Pre-Schoolers over 3 years old.
    PROMIL GOLD? FOUR with NUTRILEARN? SYSTEM- a scientific blend of quality nutrients:
    Alpha-Lipids, a unique ingredient containing Phospholipids (65.6 mg/serving) including Sphingomyelin (12.8 mg/serving).
    DHA (17 mg/serving) and CHOLINE (53 mg/serving) to help support brain development** and LUTEIN (50 mcg/serving), an antioxidant.
    Alpha-Lipids is an ingredient enriched with Alpha-Protein, a high-quality alpha-lactalbumin whey protein (0.35 g/serving).
    Higher level of OLIGOFRUCTOSE (0.8 g/serving).
    Contains VITAMIN C and is a source of VITAMINS A, D and E, ZINC and SELENIUM to support immunity**.
    No added sucrose***.
  • Versus previous formulation (0.72 g/serving)
    **Together with a varied, balanced diet and healthy lifestyle
    ***Contains naturally occurring sucrose


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